High officials visit to JMI Industrial Park

Saturday 3rd of March 2018
JMI Industrial Park - a model of modern concept in medical devices sector in Bangladesh. Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Industries, the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah visited JMI Industrial Park on March 3, 2018 with some high officials of Bangladesh Government. Mr. Abdullah expressed his satisfaction after visiting JMI Industrial Park and he stated that JMI Group is contributing the highest possible effort in building up an industry. He is very happy and delighted to see the employee friendly working environment, security and the facilities in the Park.
Honorable Secretary stated that; Mr. Razzaq has created such a wonderful working environment, where thousands of workers are working to live their life at their level best. Mr. Razzaq is also contributing a lot in national economy. Mr. Secretary hopes Mr. Razzaq continues his efforts forever. He also wishes the prosperous future of JMI Group.

All employees of JMI Group are delighted to get Mr. Muhammad Abdullah at JMI Industrial Park.